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To many people who are interested in Cambodia, tour to this kingdom makes them obsessed but a little confused. It is a place filled with mysteries. You can touch the paradise of temples in Angkor Wat which perfectly combines symbolism, symmetry, and intelligence; you can visit the horrific Tuol Sleng and see the traces of sins that the Khmer Rouge had done to the innocent - welcome to the enigmatical Cambodia, a beautiful country that will leave you once-in-a-lifetime experience with its glorious history and intoxicating present.

What makes Cambodia so special?

Although people think differently when they’re asked what impress them most in Cambodia, something are always mentioned firstly to explain their excitement.

A grand feast of temples - the legendary Angkor Wat and incomparably magnificent architectures. The Khmer Empire ruled by the Jayavarman II in the Angkor time started Cambodia’s great history of architectures and sculptures. The great Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Banteay Srei and other numerous temples - The largest Indian architecture groups locate in Cambodia, not India.

A special adventure to experience silent countryside, wild and mountainous landscapes, and a whole peaceful world. Cambodia has the most beautiful temples, but it is more than temples. It is a great place to see the most real rural life in the very beautiful countryside, and to experience the timeless landscapes of rice fields and sugar palms. It offers the most elegant royal dances for you to directly taste the glorious Angkor Empire. It has the most graceful sunset in the Victory Beach of the northwestern Sihanoukville. It provides the unique night fair in Siem Reap for you to shopping and eating local delicious food.

The history and people - the good, bad and ugly of Cambodia history always easily catch tourists’ thoughts; while the smile, the strong spirity, and the infectious optimism of Cambodia people make themselves admirable.

The time of fear and hatred has gone after 30 years war. Peace falls again onto this country which is beautiful but long troubled by war. The Cambodians want to hug the whole world, so does its tourism - Cambodia is waiting for your exploring. 

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Top Attractions

  • Natural Attractions (rivers, lakes, mountains, hills)
  • Historical Relics (ruins, ancient city & town, tombs)
  • Museums
  • Architecture (pagodas, temples, bridges, local residents)
  • Beaches
  • Markets
  • Villages

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