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Cambodia - Phnom Penh

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As the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is a heaven of peace and happiness, but not well ordered; it provides you with enjoyment and passion, but sometimes makes you sad; people love it but sometimes hate it and want to escape; it brings you with sensational stimulation, some of which make you laugh, or confused; but the most unique factor of Phnom Penh is that it makes you intoxicated in peace and leisure, but sometimes bring you the feel of cruelty and violence - you can take a peaceful stroll under the palms beside the river and see the monks wearing orange-yellow cassock on the street, and you can also go to the Tuol Sleng Museum and see the darkest part of human history.


There are many beautiful sites inside the city. Although some of the attractions suffered destruction, some (including the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda, the National Museum, Choeung Ek Killing Field, Tuol Sleng Museum and etc.) survived the disaster of civil war. Nowadays Phnom Penh is developing fast. Many broken architectures are rebuilt into the numerous restaurants and bars.


Many tourists leave Phnom Penh for other places after visiting some of the famous sites, but the real beauty of this city can only be truly felt during the leisure time. Tourists need to be a little more patient and to spend a little more time on Phnom Penh.

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