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Vietnam - Hanoi

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Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, the second largest city as well as the center of culture, politics, economy and trade of the country. Its population in 2009 was about 6,448.900 thousand, including Viet (Kinh), Hoa, Muong and other ethnic groups. With an area of 3,324.92 sq. km, Hanoi covers administrative demarcations of 10 urban districts, 1 town and 18 rural districts.


Hanoi means “the hinterland between the rivers”. Located in the Red River Delta, Hanoi's territory is washed by the Red River and its tributaries. It is some 100 kilometers from the mouth of the Red River and 1,760km north of Ho Chi Minh City, another famous and the largest city in Vietnam.


Featured with a warm humid tropical monsoon climate, Hanoi experiences two main seasons: dry season and wet season. The former lasts roughly from October to April, when it is cold with very little rainfall except from January to March there is some light rain. The latter generally falls on May to September, when it is hot with heavy rains.


Previously called Thang Long and other names, Hanoi got its present name in 1831 at a time when Huewas the capital. Actually human settlements there can be dated back to as far as the 3rd century BC. In 1010, when founder of the Ly Dynasty in Vietnamese history transferred the capital to Thang Long, it marked the establishment of the city, and then it had been chosen as the chief city of Vietnam at different periods.


Though experienced comparatively long history with wars, natural disasters and destructions, Hanoi still preserves many ancient architectural works and more than 600 pagodas and temples. Due to historical reasons, large areas of present-day Hanoi are reflected in French broad boulevards and its inspired architectures, which also bestow a unique charm on the city. What’s more, eighteen beautiful lakes dot Hanoi with their surrounding gardens and trees; traditional handicrafts including bronze molding, embroidery, lacquer and silver carving are practiced in this city, making it one of the most beautiful cities in Asia.

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