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What makes Thailand so popular?

Thailand, close your eyes and let this word roll over on the tip of your tongue, you will immediately get a scene in your mind. Maybe it is the endless beach with soft sand and tall cocos reaching out to the beautiful sea; Maybe it is the chaotic and busy Bangkok, with its dazzling lights and attractive wines and beauties in the unique bars. Maybe Thailand in your eyes is a broad plain and the numerous buddhas who have huge feet that are as high as your body. Although the buddhas have been filmed thousands of times, they stay still and mysterious with their gentle closing eyes.


This is Thailand: high pace, crowdy, intense, but at the same time silent, mysterious, and friendly. Yes, Thailand is full of mysteries, but few of which can be easily touched by you. Maybe this is what makes Thailand the most popular place for tourists. When you see the scenes you’ve never seen in this land - the villagers’ faces engraved with wrinkles, or the captivating expression in the lady-boys’ eyes - then you will try to think about the things you did not know and the places you did not go. Thailand is the country in your dream and never have you touch it, and it will get into your skins or even blend in with your soul, if you are lucky and patient enough.


Many tourists take Thailand as the starting place of their weeks or months journey in Southeast Asia. The good news is that Thailand is exactly the perfect place to get you know this whole land, but you should know that you will get refreshed or changed after you putting yourself into this nation of smile and falling love with the people here. Is that good? It’s up to you. So why don’t you close your eyes now and let all the beauties Thailand has to offer fill up your mind?


Highlights of Thailand

The islands in the south: dive on the Ko Tao Island to explore the undersea world; enjoy your life on the beautiful beaches of Ko Samui Island; take a relaxing stroll on the excellent Ko Pha-Ngan Island;

Krabi Province: from here you can go to Ao Nang and drive a boat to the nearby islands; you can also enjoy the passionate rock climbing in Hat Rai Leh Beach;

Chiang Mai: it is a great place for you to experience the essence and spirits of this capital of culture; it is also a perfect place to learn cooking Thailand food, traditional massage skills, and Buddhism;

Ko Chang Island: enjoy the picturesque beach and visit the surrounding little fishing village, or get lost in the dense tropical rain forest;

Khao Yai National Park: a great place to enjoy all kinds of birds and waterfalls, perfect for hiking cross the beautiful forest and grasses;

Thailand has so much more to offer that only when you step into this country that you can get its real beauty and quality. It is not just a gran vision show, but also a wonderful journey of your soul.

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Top Attractions

  • Natural Attractions (rivers, lakes, mountains, hills)
  • Historical Relics (ruins, ancient city & town, tombs)
  • Museums
  • Architecture (pagodas, temples, bridges, local residents)
  • Beaches
  • Markets
  • Villages

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