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Thailand - Bangkok

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You will find it a city full of surprise and energy, a city combining present and future, a perfect research object for every city connoisseur. As the capital city of Thailand, it is the center of politics, economy, culture, business, transport, technology, education and religion, the largest city of Thailand, the second largest city in Southeast Asia. It has its very developed tourism and was voted as the world’s most popular travel city in 2013. Bangkok is also the City of Buddhism, as well as an international modern city which contributes a lot to Thailand economy.


But that’s not attractive enough to impress the critical visitors nowadays, why the tourists love Bangkok?

Bangkok changes as the time flies, but its real quality stays. Bangkok is a great place full of contradictions which are exact the most important factors that give this City of Angel its rich, multifaceted personality and make the tourists can not help getting lost in it and falling love with it - it is wonderful but disordered; it offers passion but sometimes makes you disappointed; the ancient solemn temples stand right in the shadows of large-scale shopping malls; the skyscrapers overlook the shake and crumble thatched cottages; the simple stalls embrace the super cool coffee shops and restaurants; it is a great place for you to get relaxed and gives you the familiar feel of home, but simultaneously provides with experiences of exotic touches in a foreign land and abundance opportunities to adventure; As Bangkok is running towards the future, these contracts will definitely continue to supply this City of Angel with its endless charm.


Specifically, Bangkok offers the world’s best food, the most friendly people, countless beautiful, authentic sites, and a whole nation’s mysteries for you to explore. It is the real paradise for tourists that attracts so many visitors from all over the world. They taste Bangkok during their short or long journeys, but the real impressive thing is not some skyscrapers or certain sites in some places, but the atmosphere of leisure, toleration and peace that pervade the whole city.


Bangkok is a city believing in Buddhism. It seems that the city is full of fragrant smell of burning incenses and the mysterious voices of chanting by the monks. But when the night falls, you will find it a great place of revelry. Everybody can find his own joy during the wonderful Bangkok nightlife. You may wonder which one is the real Bangkok, but I will tell you Bangkok is exactly this great city making you happy but confused. 

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