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Thailand Travel Tips

1. Hotel: make a reservation if you are not familiar with your destination.

2. Weather: make good preparations for your sun protection.

3. Luggage: every visitor is allowed to take one carry-on baggage. The free baggage allowance is 20 kg (about 44 pounds).

4. Clothes: Thailand has an average temperature 28 degrees of the year, so take summer clothing with you.

5. Time of Thailand: GMT+7.

6. Currency: the monetary unit of Thailand is Baht.

7. Language: Thai Language is in common use, and English is the main language in business.

8. Personal hygienic products: for environment protection concern, you need to take yourself’s hygienic articles, like toothpaste, toothbrush, and etc.

9. Tips: Thailand has the habit of charging tip for services. The tip of general hotel services like housekeeping is about 20 Baht. Massage tip 50 Baht. Elephant riding tip 20 Baht.

10. Other reminders:

Take good care of your passport, documents, and treasures.

Don’t casually talk about or make judgments on the royal family. You should pay your respect in the occasion with royal people.

You’re suggested to take off your shoes when visit a temple, and keep you clothes neat.

Monks in Thailand enjoy great respect. Don’t point your fingers on the monks. Don’t touch the monks. Keep some distance with the monks. 

The female of Thailand is very traditional, so do not touch them without their permission.

Don’t touch others’ head, including the kids’. The head of a kid is only allowed to be touched by the king, the monks, or their parents.

Gamble is forbidden in Thailand, even the cards game in the hotel.

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