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Myanmar - Mandalay

Travel Guide

Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar, a political, cultural and transport center of the central region and the last capital of Myanmar kings. With its well preserved royal palace and the peaceful moat sitting at the foot of Mandalay Hill, from which the name of the city comes, Mandalay is a city still evokes images of a bygone times.


As a famous ancient capital set up by King Mindon pf Konbaung Dynasty, there is no bustling in Mandalay, but more pristine culture and idyllic scenery, beautiful Buddhism monasteries & pagodas, ancient city ruins, former colonial hill stations and other cultural attractions. 


Things to do in Mandalay:
- Walk up Mandalay Hill, passing numerous shrines on the way to the top, which rewards a spectacular view of the entire city.
- Visit Old Mandalay Palace to explore the ancient kingdoms and appreciate the delicate teakwood carving.
- Take a horse cart to visit the ancient city of Inwa to enjoy pleasant idyllic scenery and peaceful golden stupas elegantly reflected on the paddy fields.
- Enjoy the serene time at Ubein Bridge at dusk, sitting by the lake, watching the pink sky gradually change to dark red and the setting sun slowly disappear.  
- Visit Craftsmen’s Quarter to watch the making process of gold leaf, silk fabric, marble statues, marionettes and embroidered tapestries. 

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