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Myanmar - Bagan

Travel Guide

Located in the central part of Myanmar on the left bank of Irrawaddy River, some 145 kilometers southwest from Mandalay, Bagan is a historical ancient town, a Buddhism cultural relic and a famous tourist attraction.


Being one of the most remarkable sights in Southeast Aisa, Bagan is a “City of Buddhism Pagodas” which is world famous for a great number of architecture relics - its thousands of ancient Buddhism temples & pagodas existing for nearly 1000 years. The high historical value of Bagan pagodas is approved equally as that of Cambodia Angkor Wat and Indonesian Borobudur.


Since the King Anawratha founded Bagan Kingdom from 1044, massive Buddhism temples and pagodas were built in Bagan. It is said that till the late 13th century when the kingdom declined, the quantity of the pagodas in Bagan might reach 4,000,000; while according to UNESCO data, there were once 4446 recorded Buddhism temples & pagodas scattering over the wide plains of Bagan and some 2230 still remain today. Many of those pagodas were architecture wonders of their time which are still awful today. It is amazing that these fine masonry works were finished without any nail and cement, but intelligently used arches and barrel vaults to set up massive roofs.


Things to do in Bagan:
- Take a horse cart, bicycle or by foot to shuttle among pagoda forest and explore some of the landmarks of Bagan, such as Shwezigon Paya, Ananda Pahto, and so on.
- Climb up one of the well-positioned pagoda in early morning or at dusk to get an amazing panoramic view of the old town Bagan as well as the fascinating sunrise or sunset.
- Take a hot air balloon tour flying over the wide Bagan Plain to enjoy a peerless view and take postcard photos of pagoda group.
- Take an excursion to Mt Popa if with extra time to commune with the nats, the spirits who are believed in charging of people’s this life.
-  Visit a lacquerware factory to watch the skilled craftsmen how to create the popular souvenir seen throughout Myanmar as Bagan is the center of the country’s flourishing lacquerware industry. 


Recommended sites for watching sunrise and sunset:
-Shwesandaw Paya, a well-positioned paya recommended by most travelers for both sunrise and sunset;
-Buleith Paya, marked as No.394 on tourist map, is recommended by locals for sunset.
-Dhammayazika Paya, a large golden pagoda offers beautiful view for northern Bagan and sunset.
-Lawkannandar Pagoda, a farthest golden pagoda from the central Bagan Plain which offers sunset photo at riverside.

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