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Myanmar Travel Tips


Myanmar currency is called kyat (abbreviated as Ks) and the denominations are 5kyat, 10kyat, 20kyat, 50kyat, 100kyat, 200kyat, 500kyat and 1000kyat.

Travelers’ checks are not accepted in Myanmar, and credit cards are not used widely also in the country. US dollar is widely accepted and easy to be changed into local kyats at the exchanger counter in airport and downtown area, while other currencies are difficult to change. It is suggested to bring enough US dollars in cash for your expense in Myanmar, including your accommodation, dinning and shopping.


Airport Departure Tax

In Myanmar, FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificate) / US$10 is payable for departures on international flights. No airport departure tax is charged for domestic flights. 


Language & Religion

Myanmar is inhabited by more than 100 ethnic groups; each has its own language or dialect, but most people speak Burmese. Once a British colony, English is also widely spoken in Myanmar.

Known as a Kingdom of Buddhism Pagodas, most people, about 85 percent Burmese are Theravada Buddhist; others follow Christmas, Islam, Hinduism or animism.


Shopping & Souvenirs

Myanmar offers a great variety of souvenirs. Arts, crafts and antiques are found throughout the country, handcrafted lacquerware of all sized and shapes are mostly made in Bagan, wood carvings and embroidered tapestries are also good choices for souvenirs. As a country famous for its gems, especially rubies, jewelry is popular among tourists.



Travel insurance in domestic Myanmar usually with low coverage and limited service, and it is suggested to buy your travel insurance for overseas traveling from your home country.



No vaccination certificate is formally required, though malaria prophylaxis is recommended by doctors. Influenza and diarrhea are the most common sickness that you may encounter when traveling in Myanmar. Medicine for cold can be easily found in any of the pharmacies. Travel in Myanmar, it is suggested to drink bottled or boiled water and dine in a good selection of restaurants and hotels; remember use sunscreen under the tropical intense sunlight.



Internet can be access to in some hotels or internet cafes in major cities like Mandalay, Yangon and Bagan, but free webmail services such as yahoo or hotmail accounts are not available in Myanmar.

Myanmar has no roaming contracts with any other foreign countries, so you can not use your own cell phone within Myanmar. As a matter of fact, foreigners can not bring their cell phones into the country by Myanmar law. Thankfully, in some hotels in major cities, you can rent a cell phone.



- Use right hand to pass or take things as left hand is seen as unholiness in Myanmar.

- Never touch people’s head even a child’s because it is the most sacred part of body for Burmese.

- Do not wear shoes, shorts or short skirts when entering Buddhist Pagodas.

- Take off your shoes when visiting a local house.

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