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Myanmar Food

Myanmar food has its own style neither hot as Thai, nor spicy as Indian, nor resemble as Chinese cooking. Burmese favors sweet, sour, and piquancy; they generally eat western breakfast, Chinese lunch and dinner.

Rice is the staple food, which goes with dishes of chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, etc. that cooked with onion and garlic based gravy; soup, usually refreshingly tart or creamy is accompanied to clear the palate; salads are popular side dishes, while pickled tea leaf, or ginger salads are eaten after meal as snacks. Nasi lemak and glutinous rice sauced with curcuma powder, coconut shred and shrimp meat floss are Burmese’s favorites. Burmese sometimes make some dishes with fruits.

Curry is the most popular seasoning used by Burmese, and slightly sweet-taste fish & shrimp paste and chili paste are basic on tables. Popular drinks in Myanmar are beer, soda water and orange squash; coffee or hot tea is usually enjoyed after meal. A kind of tea, a mixture of tea leaves, soybean flour, small shrimp meat floss, shrimp sauce, onion bulb powder, fried chili seed, is quite popular among locals.

Mohinga, a fish broth with rice noodles, maybe the most famous dish among locals, while ohno kaukswe, noodles cooked in coconut-based chicken soup is another popular choice for breakfast. Monti, especially from Mandalay, is Burmese style of spaghetti popular with travelers. Kyar zan chet is another popular dish, which is the chicken broth and vermicelli soup with chunks of chicken, dried mushrooms and coriander. 

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