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Royal Grand Palace

Location: The Royal Grand Palace, Bangkok.

Opening time: 8:30 - 16:30.

Tickets: 500 THB (attractions including Wat Phra Keaw, Royal Palace and some other palaces).

The Royal Grand Palace is located in the downtown area of Bangkok. It is the most well preserved palace with the largest scale in Thailand. The Royal Grand Palace followed the example of the old palace. With generations’ extension, it turns into such a grand and beautiful royal architecture group. Nowadays, the palace is used for the king’s coronation or royal celebrations. It is open to the visitors and becomes a famous attraction of Thailand.

The Royal Grand Palace collects the essence of Thailand architecture, painting, sculpture and the art of decoration. It is highly praised by the tourists from all over the world. There are four grand buildings inside the palace, including the Hakri Maha Prasad, Dusit Maha Prasad, Amarin Winitchai Hall and Wat Phra Kaeo. The architectures here are so wonderful that the Royal Grand Palace is considered as the landmark of Bangkok, is a must go place of Thailand.

Enter the palace, you will firstly see the large grasses and various tropical trees. It offers a grand feast of architecture and history. There is a western style building named Boromphiman Hall, constructed in 1909 for the son of the king. It is now used as a very important reception hall for the heads of countries or royal family, so it is not open to the tourists.

Many national Thailand festivals are celebrated in the Royal Grand Palace. It provides many activities or ceremonies to see or take part in. It is a great place to go.

Skirt or shorts are not allowed into the palace. They provide waist cloth for tourists to hire outside the palace.

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