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Home >> Laos >> Vientiane >> Wat That Luang

Wat That Luang

Location: on That Luang Square, some 3 kilometers northeast from downtown Vientiane.

Entry fee: 5000 Kip

Opening time: 08:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00, closed on Mondays.

Recommended time for a visit: 2 hours

Wat That Luang is the Buddhism holy land in Laos because of the great pagoda That Luang. That Luang is the architecture of its unique style reputed for its shape, layout and structure. It is the most important national monument applied in Laos national emblem and the co-own mark of both Buddhism and the state.

Being the national treasure worshipped by Lao citizens, That Luang is the artistic crystallization of Buddhism culture originally built in 1560 on the site of an ancient pagoda ruin. It took 6 years to be finished. The pagoda is well preserved to this day though have gone through times of destroyed and repaired, and with only two of its four surrounding temples survived, namely Wat That Luang Tai in the south and Wat That Luang Neua in the north. Wat That Luang Neua, composed of a 45-meter-high pagoda and its surrounding high walls and corridors, is the residence of the general abbot of Lao Buddhism.

The present That Luang, composed of a main pagoda and 30 mini pagodas, is a quadrate masonry structure complex covering over 8400 square meters. The bottom of the main pagoda is a three-floor huge square base, standing for the three worlds in Buddhism. Each floor is equipped with gallery and stairway, available for ascending. The ground floor has a side length of 69 meters and each side has a worship pavilion. The second floor is 48 meters wide for each of its side and has 120 carved lotus petals in total with a Buddha in it respectively. The 30 mini pagodas representing 30 Paramita are just located in this floor; each is 3.6 meters high and embraced a small golden pagoda for enshrine the golden kimbe. The third floor is the supporting of the main pagoda of That Luang, which is encircled by a corresponding corridor displaying ancient Buddha statues and cultural relics.


- The best time to visit Wat That Luang is at dusk to enjoy the beautiful golden pagoda under the setting sun.

- In November each year, Wat That Luang holds the largest temple fair of the country, which is also the grandest and most ceremonious religious festival in Laos.

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