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Ko Samet

Location: Southeast of Bangkok.

Opening time: All day long.

Admission: 200B.

The most important factor that impresses so many tourists about Ko Samet is its incredibly beautiful beach. Located in the southeast of Bangkok, Ko Samet attracts numerous visitors all around the world for the amazing beach and rich activities. You can enjoy some leisure and peace that Pattaya City can not offer. It is the third largest island of Thailand with dense grasses and green coconut trees, and has all the fresh but cheap fruits and excellent seafood.

Ko Samet is a must go place if you visit Pattaya because it has the most beautiful sands which are silver white and look like wheat flour spreading into a long and broad blanket.

Every city needs a Ko Samet - it should be close enough, and should be totally separated with the city, so the people inside the city can escape the noise and chaos as fast as possible to get some fresh air and leisure time. Maybe it is not as beautiful as the islands in the south, but it is definitely a great place for you to enjoy several days’ escapement. Especially during the rainy season, when Ko Samet offers the best air of Thailand, it turns into a national park where you can indulge all your wish for passion or peace.

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